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Real Estate Buyers: Buying can be a very emotional event.  Whether this is your first buying experience or 10th, the process is almost always the same. We start in my office with an interview.  You interview me, I interview you.

You want to make sure that you're working with a Realtor who understands your needs and wants.


Real Estate Sellers: We will assist you in pricing your property to stack up with your competition, to advertise and market your property--supply you with all required forms, communicate with you on a regular basis regarding the feedback the market is giving us and to negotiate the best possible price and terms for you when reviewing all offers to purchase.  


Real Estate Auctions: Some residential, commercial or industrial properties are more suited to be sold through the auction method.  If the owners of a house, building, farm ground or other real estate needs to sell when time is of the essence, a more aggressive marketing plan and “Competitive Bidding” can achieve these results.


Why would an auctioneer charge a buyer’s premium?

#1 to convince the seller to employ his services-no commission to the seller

#2 to receive commission from the seller and to receive more commission from buyers

#3 in some cases the buyer’s premium may be divided between the seller and the auction company

#4 is buyer’s premium acceptable in all market areas? NO

#5 why would an auctioneer charge a seller 6% commission to sell real estate and then charge the buyers 10%?

#6 is the buyer’s premium charged a sales tax?

#7 does the buyer’s premium become part of the price of the item being sold?

#8 does the buyer’s premium affect the attendances of the auction? We believe it does…

#9 does it affect the attitude of those attending the auction in a negative way? We believe it does…

#10 does the buyer’s premium affect the price of the item? We believe it does…

#11 if it affects the price of the item, then the seller is still paying the commission

#12 the seller employs an auctioneer to market and sell his items to the highest bidder for the best price, then the auctioneer is an agent for the seller…however if a buyer pays a buyer’s premium and the auctioneer receives it as commission, then is the buyer employing the auction company to get them the cheapest price? Does this make the auction company dual agents without being disclosed to the public?

#13 Have I tried and used the buyer’s premium? Yes…did it work? Not really! There were small crowds and prices were down, attitudes were negative…

#14 if there is no buyer’s premium in affect higher prices will be achieved and the seller will net more even after paying the auctioneers commission…

#15 so why would an auctioneer charge a buyer’s premium?

#16 our policy is that the seller owns the items being sold and is employing us to sell their items to the highest bidder for the best price!

#17 if an auctioneer has to offer his services for free or at a reduced rate, then the seller needs to question his experience, rate of auctions and ask for references from past clients that there was a buyer’s premium charged…

#18 the above has been and is our opinion and belief!

#19 why not compare experience, service and cost before you employ an auction company to handle your auction!

#20 call today to discuss your auction and real estate needs…937-533-7081.

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